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Ya llego su pachecoooote. 23. Chicano. Born and raised in the Bay Area, pero con el corazón enraizado en Guadalajara, Jalisco. Ni de aquí, ni de allá. Cantante, fotógrafo y marihuano. Photography/Mujeres/Xican@ Art/Mota/Cultura/Raíces/Música

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Not at all.

All of Daniel Holtzclaw’s victims were Black women btw.Don’t leave that out. 
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Textiles and crafts of Mexico
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I love it when Hip Hop works for the community. Not enough artists who make money off of the culture give back to prevent the circumstances that created the culture in the first place. You don’t see enough of this with all the noise/distractions out there regarding the culture’s image.
Source: http://www.complex.com/tech/2014/04/nas-microsoft-google-fund-tech-scholarships-general-assembly

Thank You NAS!!!!

Yaaassss blog about this!
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Dead Kennedys - "Holiday in Cambodia"[x]
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Just finished hotboxing the bathroom with Colorado’s new “Black Label” hash-joints…
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