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Ya llego su pachecoooote. 22. Chicano. Born and raised in the Bay Area, pero con el corazón enraizado en Guadalajara, Jalisco. Ni de aquí, ni de allá. Cantante, fotógrafo y marihuano.

Photography/Mujeres/Xican@ Art/Mota/Cultura/Raíces/Música

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my whole life I’ve searched for this gif

I adore this gif
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Artist: The Doors

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Sand mandala at Thikse Monastery, Ladakh, India.
Samsara (2011)

Imagine sighing after finishing a detail and it blows out everything you’ve done

That’s basically what these monks do actually.
They create such intricate mandalas to demonstrate the beauty and the fullness of life then blow it all away without a seconds thought to teach us the impermance of life and the “transitory nature of material things”.
Bear in mind that this is a very basic and shallow understanding of the very nuanced and meticulous rituals that surround these sand mandalas.
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Jakub Polomski
Mordor 2.0
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yo tambien quiero solo pegarle en las tetas a las mujeres y luego chump pa entro :c vida qla dificil
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