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Ya llego su pachecoooote. 22. Chicano. Born and raised in the Bay Area, pero con el corazón enraizado en Guadalajara, Jalisco. Ni de aquí, ni de allá. Cantante, fotógrafo y marihuano.

Photography/Mujeres/Xican@ Art/Mota/Cultura/Raíces/Música

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Life isn’t as serious as the mind makes it out to be.
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1970 Chicano Moratorium
44 years ago today, 30,000 marched in East LA in the Chicano Moratorium in protest of the Vietnam War, and in an act of self-determination for Chicanos. Historians believe the Chicano Moratorium was one of the largest anti-war protests of its day and the first to call attention to the number of Chicanos disproportionately represented in Vietnam.
Thousands who gathered at Laguna Park after the march to listen to speakers and performers were forced to run for cover after deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department began brutally attacking march-goers with night sticks. Reporter Rubén Salazar was one of them.
Salazar, who was a well-known journalist, was killed later that evening at the Silver Dollar Bar on Whittier Boulevard when sheriff’s deputies shot a tear gas canister into the bar. The canister hit Salazar in the head and killed him instantly. Salazar had clashed with local police in the months before his death, reports the LA Times. Ángel Díaz and Lynn Ward also died that day.
See documentary on the Chicano Moratorium. More stories here.
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Diez razones para visitar Guanajuato.
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Redditor army4211's computer room is something I’m very envious of.
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Holy Han Solo, I need to step my game up strangevibezz! I’m loving the hanging ships from the ceiling idea.


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“Hacía tantos años que no alzaba la cara, que me olvidé del cielo.”Pátzcuaro, Michoacán.
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THE SERI INDIANS of Sonora Mexico 
Many cultural changes have taken place in the last few decades. Except for special events, women no longer paint their faces as they once did. Those who saw and recorded Seri face painting marked a dying trait.
Women painted delicate and tasteful designs on their faces. Usually, designs were carried in a straight horizontal line across the upper face and over the bridge of the nose. Elements represented flowers, leaves, and other pretty motifs and it was all done just to be attractive.
Married women used distinctive but heavier patterns that identified them as matrons.
Men also painted on occasion-to go to war, for spiritual protection, or just general attraction. Designs suggested by medicine men could be used by both sexes for spiritual protection.
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The Simpsons was the most honest show out there
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Knowledge is knowing what to say. Wisdom is knowing whether or not to say it.
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